How works provides you with a brand new way to raise funds - whether you are a charity, sports club or school. In fact, it doesn't matter who you are - if you are raising funds for any cause, you can use Bigfundraising to raise money quickly and easily from supporters and followers.

Not everyone can donate cash to your cause, no matter how much they might want to. But they probably do have stuff on shelves and in cupboards, in their attics and clogging up spare rooms that can be turned into cash.

We estimate that right now, for example, there is £1 billion of just DVDs and video games gathering dust in people's homes...

Bigfundraising helps you access this unused stuff and turns it into cash for your cause.  We pick up everything you collect for free.

It's really simple - you ask people to donate stuff that they have lying around the house that they no longer use, and we do the rest!

We process these donated items and convert them into a cash equivalent using our unique pricing system - this will be credited to your account so you can follow your efforts. You will then receive a cheque or bank transfer for this cash amount monthly to help towards your fundraising targets.
It's easy - create your fundraising page within minutes explaining why you are raising funds and what your targets are. Then spread the word about your fundraising page using Facebook, Twitter, email and many other ways. Link to the page from your own website and encourage people to donate their unused video games, DVDs and CDs to you. We'll do the rest