Most valuable stuff

why not donate to charity?

why not donate to charity?

Donate the good stuff…

We touched previously on the importance of getting as many people as possible to support you. In community-based organisations this is not as much of a problem since you see each other regularly and know where to find each other (whether this is at work or church or at a school or sports club).
Another tip we’d like to impart (because we are discovering this ourselves) is that your supporters don’t always think about the value of their donated stuff and are sometimes then disappointed with the value realised.
Here then is your definitive (hardly, Ed) – well, anecdotal – list of most valuable stuff, or MVS:

  1. Old video games – PS2 games in particular are in demand;
  2. Video games – PS3/Xbox etc
  3. Cult DVDs – one man’s cult is another’s waste of space but don’t think something has no value because of your opinion;
  4. DVDs
  5. Text books and other specialist ‘Professional Development’ books;
  6. CDs;
  7. Books in general.

Most people are surprised that books are in dead last place because they have given so much pleasure to them. But the harsh truth is that most paper simply gets recycled (and we are happy to facilitate this) and as such only raises a nominal sum.
So, when you ask your supporters to donate, specify what you’d like because generous though J is being when donating a boxfull of books, it’d be far better for your fundraising effort if they dug around in the rather more dusty corners of their house for numbers 1 to 5 as outlined above.
Good luck!
The Bigfundraising team

Why bigfundraising and what’s it all about?

As with many things frustration with the status quo created bigfundraising – or at least it was the motivating factor. Got stuff at home you want to get rid of? Well, your choice is pretty much to either take it down to the tip or drop it off at a local charity shop. Which might solve your desire to have a clear-out but doesn’t give you much choice.


A lot of people do this though. Charity shops in the UK have a turnover of £750 million per year. Yep, three quarters of a billion pounds, £750,000,000.

I know, we were astonished too when we saw these figures. If you want to support the top ten or so charities that can afford to run charity shops, happy days. And if you don’t care, likewise.

But if you want to donate your stuff to an organisation not set up to receive it, not so fast. Your local church or school? Nope. The rugby club your son plays at? Nope. This is what bigfundraising is for – to help the up to 900,000 community organisations in the UK to turn their supporters’ stuff into cash.

It doesn’t matter how small or big you are, bigfundraising lets you ask supporters to donate the stuff they have at home that is not being used. It is, quite literally, useless…to them. But not to you. Build your page and promote to your supporters and we will do the rest.

The bigfundraising team.