It helps if we all pull together – how to fundraise efficiently


We just read a great post by Seth Godin about how to get everyone to contribute (at work, to a cause etc). For those of you asking supporters/members etc to bring in their unwanted stuff to turn into cash, he has good insight.

His main point is that you must empower people to contribute otherwise it is too easy for the majority to always expect someone else to do the heavy lifting.

At Bigfundraising we often see that a very small proportion of supporters (as low as 10%) contribute all of the stuff donated – a sort of Pareto’s Law on steroids. If you as a fundraiser can simply get everyone to contribute something, the buzz and feed that is generated results in a second wave of donations.

Make the ask personal – many people don’t bring in their stuff because they think it is worthless – it might not be worth much to that person, but if five hundred people, or a thousand all bring in one DVD and one Video Game, you have the base of a great fundraising effort.

You can see the full post from Seth here.


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