Fundraising – down the back of the sofa?


We recently helped a fundraiser stagger over the finishing line (as they put it themselves!) He’d exhausted the cash reserves of friends and family and was still exactly £43 short of their target.
We suggested he figuratively put his hand down the back of the sofa to see what he could find. An old gamer (he is getting on a bit but we mean he used to spend too much time – his admission – on his PS2)! he had about 25 PS2 games. He was astonished when we raised nearly £100 to blow through his target.
Don’t underestimate the value of your stuff – hit your target or get off to a flying start without putting your hand in your pocket.
In this case you needn’t even worry about setting up a page, just email us at and we’ll pick up your stuff and turn it into cash for your cause.

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