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Need a new pavilion?

Need a new pavilion?

It’s bad enough when you are club captain doing the rounds asking for subs, eating into the beer fund. It’s a thankless task at the best of times.

And then, usually when least needed (for example, in the middle of a recession…well maybe the end but you get our drift), the pavilion needs a new roof, or the goal posts are rotten, perhaps the lights need a new junction box, possibly the entire six teams need a new strip.

Where is the cash coming from? Cue fundraising committee, enormous amount of time spent both creating and enacting fundraising activity.

How about you let us take the strain? Build a page with us (let’s face it you’ve already got one with Justgiving or Virgin haven’t you?) and using the same principal, ask supporters to…well, support you.

But instead of asking them to lighten their wallets, ask them to do a bit of a clear-out, a late spring clean, a reclamation of space previously devoted to unwanted DVDs, music albums and video games.

Get them to bring this stuff down to the clubhouse and we at Bigfundraising will pick it up and turn it into cash. At no charge.

What other fundraising effort will yield 10% of your target*?

The Bigfundraising team
* our numbers are not statistically valid but this percentage seems to be eminently doable

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