Charity of the Year fundraising – early lessons from a large bank



We’re yet to see the numbers but bigfundraising picked up the first Charity of the Year donations from its first corporate client yesterday. Eight crates of books, DVDs, Video Games and CDs. Surprisingly (well, to us anyway) five of those crates contained books rather than digital media.

It’s difficult to tell how people react to this sort of ask by a fundraising committee but it is possible to discern some early trends:
1. if you ask them people will bring some quite awkward items into the office;
2. make sure you have somewhere for them to leave their stuff (like a packing crate) and which are easy to move;
3. you need to keep on asking and reminding – once is not enough;
4. …nagging is the way forward.

We’re going to run this again but this time using Facebook and twitter to back-up.

We are also thinking about getting some branded and re-inforced plastic bags printed that employees can take home and which will act as a visual spur to action.

Once we have the numbers we’ll post them here.

The BFR team


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