Fundraising – down the back of the sofa?


We recently helped a fundraiser stagger over the finishing line (as they put it themselves!) He’d exhausted the cash reserves of friends and family and was still exactly £43 short of their target.
We suggested he figuratively put his hand down the back of the sofa to see what he could find. An old gamer (he is getting on a bit but we mean he used to spend too much time – his admission – on his PS2)! he had about 25 PS2 games. He was astonished when we raised nearly £100 to blow through his target.
Don’t underestimate the value of your stuff – hit your target or get off to a flying start without putting your hand in your pocket.
In this case you needn’t even worry about setting up a page, just email us at and we’ll pick up your stuff and turn it into cash for your cause.

Most valuable stuff

why not donate to charity?

why not donate to charity?

Donate the good stuff…

We touched previously on the importance of getting as many people as possible to support you. In community-based organisations this is not as much of a problem since you see each other regularly and know where to find each other (whether this is at work or church or at a school or sports club).
Another tip we’d like to impart (because we are discovering this ourselves) is that your supporters don’t always think about the value of their donated stuff and are sometimes then disappointed with the value realised.
Here then is your definitive (hardly, Ed) – well, anecdotal – list of most valuable stuff, or MVS:

  1. Old video games – PS2 games in particular are in demand;
  2. Video games – PS3/Xbox etc
  3. Cult DVDs – one man’s cult is another’s waste of space but don’t think something has no value because of your opinion;
  4. DVDs
  5. Text books and other specialist ‘Professional Development’ books;
  6. CDs;
  7. Books in general.

Most people are surprised that books are in dead last place because they have given so much pleasure to them. But the harsh truth is that most paper simply gets recycled (and we are happy to facilitate this) and as such only raises a nominal sum.
So, when you ask your supporters to donate, specify what you’d like because generous though J is being when donating a boxfull of books, it’d be far better for your fundraising effort if they dug around in the rather more dusty corners of their house for numbers 1 to 5 as outlined above.
Good luck!
The Bigfundraising team

A golf club fundraising vignette

bill murray and chevy chase

At bigfundraising we know that despite your desire to raise money, sometimes it feels like nobody feels your pain. Well, we do. The supporter who says he will bring in some old clubs to be auctioned off; the member who keeps ‘forgetting’ to visit your ‘donations’ page.

Bigfundraising was founded out of just this frustration and this tale is a true story.Well, it could have been…

Most club Captains will choose a charity to support during their period in ‘power’ even as their game goes downhill and the vagaries of office conspire to make them realise they have even less authority than they’d thought. One of the frustrating things about choosing a charity of the year for you to support is getting your members on board.

We at Bigfundraising have given this much thought and concluded that if you can get yourself off to a flying start, members will be much more likely to get behind your cause.

So, in no particular order:

1. choose your cause wisely – we’ve lost count of how many fundraising campaigns bite the dust because they just don’t resonate with donors (actually, that one does need to be first);

2. be bold but reasonable, the two aren’t mutually exclusive but there needs to be a raised eyebrow rather than a sharp intake of breath when the goal is unveiled;

3. don’t just go for cash – use Bigfundraising to get your members to bring in their unwanted DVDs, video games (get them to nick their childrens’) and those expensive hardback books clogging up their bookshelves;

4. this allows you to start fast – up to 10% of your target should come from this stuff people have lying around at home.

It takes 2 minutes to set up a bigfundraising page, and you can start getting those dusty items lying around the house turned into cash for your charity of the year.. Start here now.

Whatever happens, you still get the parking slot though, right? The Bigfundraising team

Charity of the Year fundraising – early lessons from a large bank



We’re yet to see the numbers but bigfundraising picked up the first Charity of the Year donations from its first corporate client yesterday. Eight crates of books, DVDs, Video Games and CDs. Surprisingly (well, to us anyway) five of those crates contained books rather than digital media.

It’s difficult to tell how people react to this sort of ask by a fundraising committee but it is possible to discern some early trends:
1. if you ask them people will bring some quite awkward items into the office;
2. make sure you have somewhere for them to leave their stuff (like a packing crate) and which are easy to move;
3. you need to keep on asking and reminding – once is not enough;
4. …nagging is the way forward.

We’re going to run this again but this time using Facebook and twitter to back-up.

We are also thinking about getting some branded and re-inforced plastic bags printed that employees can take home and which will act as a visual spur to action.

Once we have the numbers we’ll post them here.

The BFR team